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Discussing Machine Intelligence -  Feeling introvert

Fi stands for Feeling introverted. If the letter F stands alone, it is an identity as Machine-Intelligence. According to the STIFIn concept, there are only five kinds of Intelligence Machines, and F is one of them. The Machine-Intelligence identity turns into a personality when the Machine-Intelligence is coupled with a steering type behind it. There are only two intelligence steering types, i (introvert) and e (extrovert). Fi is thus already a personality identity. F is capitalized because its influence as an Intelligence-Machine is greater than the lower-case i which acts only as an intelligence rudder.

Simple definition of Feeling introvert

is a type of personality based on emotional intelligence or feelings whose work process is steered from within itself to outside itself. The Fi personality is distinctive because it has emotional abilities that exceed the other eight personality types. This advantage can be equated with emotional intelligence or called EQ (Emotional Quotient).

The operating system of the Fi system is in the lower hemisphere of the brain on the right or referred to as the right limbic. In the right limbic, the steering wheel of intelligence is in the white layer which is located on the inside. The white right limbic is the Fi-type operating system.

The white layer has a denser brain texture because it contains more brain cells. The higher density compared to the outer layer makes the steering wheel of intelligence move from the inside out. This causes the “master of the body” to be as if he does not stop to spread charm or exude his charisma as a leader.

Machine-Intelligence F is actually synonymous with breathing. They have a large breathing capacity. The strong breathing capacity is because F people have a big engine. The engine is a large heart and lungs. With this large engine, F people can pump more oxygen into the blood. Type Fi, moreover, because it is supported by the availability of batteries (chargers) within him, causes Fi to have a stronger emotional strength. The physical constitution of the F-person is generally referred to as dysplastic, because the large machine is supported by small bones so that the luggage feels heavy. Because the machine is large, the body shape looks wide and thick. As a result, the back seems to be more difficult to move (called dysplastic). In the Fi type, because the battery charger is inside, it seems to have stronger emotional emission. Physically, it can use deep breathing from its lungs.

The power of breathing due to the large engine can be used for sports that require long-distance and long-term stamina such as marathon running. Also with the long exhalation, mentally he has the potential for better mental strength. Able to hear other people’s heart language longer. Even able to maintain feelings and empathize better than others. Or also he seems to have more love, both to love and to be loved.

The essence of you

Your intelligence is Feeling which refers to your feelings, which makes you good at understanding others.  This intelligence is steered from the inside out so that you exude a strong influence in leading.

The brain’s operating system is located in: Right Limbic Hemisphere, White (Inner) Layer.

Types of intelligence: Emotional Quotient.

Role: Leader.

Pros: Popularity.

Target: Vision (Remote View).

Expectation: Leading.

Brand Direction: The brand on its leadership.

Propensity towards money: Owner.

Physical Form: Big dysplastic.

Physical Strength: Deep breathing.

Body Function: Long-distance stamina.

Four Keywords: Feeling, Breathing, Leading, Loved.

How to Learn: Listen in class, record to MP3, re-listen until you get the “feel”.

Increase Interest in Learning: Attach a touch of emotion to the momentary motive.

Self: Seeks a Platform (Stage, podium) to amplify his influence.

Chemistry: Seeking Love.

School Priorities towards a career in a suitable industry: Politics, Government, Law, Arts.

Schooling towards other chosen professions: Psychologist, communication, diplomat, publicist, promoter, investor, statesman, trainer/public speaker, public administration, artist, culturalist, international relations, salesman, inspirer, motivator, psychiatrist, counselor, ideologue, personnel, lawyer (lawyer/advocate), bureaucrat, activist, marathon athlete, etc.

Positives to nurture and things to watch out for in yourself: Highly motivated but wants to be pampered and cared for, soft and gentle but sometimes stinging, charismatic leader but has a bad habit of getting offended easily, helpful but calculates the value of reciprocation, communicator who influences others but has a weak commitment to his/her teachings, able to empathize but sometimes slow to act.

A strong (personality) that can be psychometrically researched:

Convincing:  Convincing.

Idealistic:  Idealistic.

Leader:  Leader.

Kindful :  Kind, friendly.

Reflective:  Reflective, bouncing, pensive.

Popular:  Famous.

Promoter :  Organizer, promoter.

Diplomatic :  Diplomatic, clever.

Friendship-appeal:  The friendship is attractive.

Personality Traits Feeling Introvert (Fi)

This type of personality is a libidinous personality.  Their desires and lusts are always raging.  Despite their high libido, they want to be pampered and cared for. Their personality is delicate and soft but once disturbed they will sting like bees. Their organizational skills are great like a charismatic leader.  But their bad habit is to be sensitive and easily offended which leads to resentment. They are givers and helpers, but behind their gifts they are suspicious and calculate the value of other people’s reciprocity. They are great communicators and are good at conveying their plans to influence others. Even classified as having many plans, the funny thing is that they often forget about their plans because there are so many. Or more likely because of their weak long-term memory, plus a loose commitment to their plans.  “Warm as a feather”. Their specialty is their ability to empathize so that they seem to be able to go deeper into other people. So they are very adept at measuring people, seeing the good and bad intentions of others.

This ability to judge people is often disrupted by their nature of digesting all incoming information without thinking first and trusting people easily. As a result, they often lose a lot of money at critical moments when they would have been lucky if they had been careful. They have wide chests as

a sign of a great nurturing type although they dislike being patronized the most. Their obsessions are high and can be achieved if they are not lazy. It is this laziness of action that is their obstacle in many ways. So people call them slow.


  • Uses more feelings.
  • Want to please others.
  • Seeks harmony.
  • Always wants to take the lead.
  • Considerations are based on affection.
  • Respects the feelings of others.
  • Values decisions by considering the consequences for others.
  • Warm and friendly towards others.
  • Good at empathizing.
  • Works together in a good social community.
  • Avoids arguments, conflicts and confrontations.
  • Feels easily hurt and resentful.
  • Starts with small talk.
  • Asks questions when possible.
  • Able to show admiration and be emotional.
  • Lacks assertiveness to assert rights
  • Uses many precious words
  • Often uses other people’s names.
  • More like a woman’s attitude 60% chance


  • Idealistic:  Visualizing things in perfect form and meeting the Standard itself.
  • Mover: Find it difficult to sit still, always to be driven by the need to be Productive or to be a leader for others.
  • Kind: Known as a kind-hearted person.
  • Reflective : Easily self-reflect & reflect on events or on others.
  • Moralistic :  Prioritizing moral principles.


  • Bossy: Bossy, domineering, sometimes annoying in relationships.
  • Manipulative: Able to influence or treat things cleverly and deceitfully for their own benefit, and can impose their own will.


  • Lead
  • Dive in
  • Motivate
  • Inspire
  • Elevate
  • Enlivening
  • Influence
  • Colorize
  • Expand
  • Embolden


  • Influential Figures
  • Most Called to lead
  • Energizer
  • Charismatic Figure
  • Persuasive Communicator
  • The Smoothest Manners
  • The wisest director
  • Opportunity Giver
  • The most human boss
  • The best protector


  • Choice of profession: Political Science
  • Professional Development : Establishing a political party
  • Support: Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Final goal: President, Leader of the country



  • NATURAL HABITATS: Active Mountains, Inland
  • SOCIAL HABITAT : Family Society
  • INDUSTRIAL HABITAT : Education Industry

Every human being has 5 Intelligence Engines, but only one is dominant and this is called the MODALITY OF INTELLIGENCE.

Learning Type (Fi):

Find a figure – become a figure – express 

(Every problem that is trained is given a link to the name of a person, either the name of a character or discussion partner who has solved the problem, Learning is organized so that it has an important role, Good at stringing words that touch feelings).

Learning diseases: Regression, Revisiting painful events.

For example: “I am always sad when I learn this subject matter. The problem is that in the past I learned this, my uncle came to school and told me that my brother died.”

Learning Calibration: Confide, Tightness in the chest disappears after confiding.

Qualities of an intelligent learner from the lowest to the highest level :

(Machine FEELING intelligence on the FEELING track)

1. Giving up easily.

2. Resilient to Small Calamities.

3. Resilient Over Big Calamities

4. Able to be Tested.

An intelligent person is a person whose one hemisphere of the brain works better than the same hemisphere in other people that makes him SMART in one STIFIn.

A Smart Student is a person who is able to optimize his/her intelligence machine in the subject he/she is studying so that resulting in better quality grades.

The stages of overcoming learning disabilities

Increase the positive state:

Recognize the internal and external conditions that can keep you away from triggering learning disabilities, and then engage with them as much as possible.

Minimize negative conditions:

Recognize the internal and external conditions that can trigger learning disabilities, then avoid them.

Accept your illness:

When your illness comes, accept it honestly, especially to yourself. Avoid being defensive, as this will only make things more difficult.

Face your illness under the guidance of your best ‘teacher’:

Confront your illness by taking actions that are in opposition to it. In this process, make sure you are under the guidance of your best “guru”, so that the process you do becomes a clear and planned process (not wild and sporadic).



TARGETS: Selfish, easy-going, lustful, hard-hearted, difficult to cooperate.

ENGINEERING: One-way communication, arguing, not listening, talking too much.

ORGANIZATION: Neglect coaching, self-centeredness, blaming others.

FUNCTIONS: Not open, likes to hang out, relationship is full of interest, always diametrically opposed.



TARGETS: Strong self-control, changes quickly, likes cooperation, supports interaction

TECHNIQUES: Persuasive, empathetic, listens a lot, says little, resolves core feelings.

ORGANIZATION: Leading the heart of the family, recognizing deeper relationships

FUNCTIONS: Ready to connect with enemies, forgive, give more, meet needs.



  • Deepen friendship
  • Engage in solving friends’ problems
  • Practice longer listening skills


  • Empathetic listening
  • Often assisting clients in providing services
  • Controlling emotional ups and downs by being guided by a goal line


  • Strengthen support by multiplying work results that can be emulated by others
  • Eliminate the habit of lazy thinking and tend to delegate
  • Create a conducive atmosphere that maintains fairness and objectivity.


  • Learn to recognize others
  • Forgive the mistakes of others
  • Tolerant with others


1. Recognize Machine Intelligence (Fi)
2. Start a Habitat of Self-Development
3. Find a Coach / Teacher who guides the choice of profession.

  • Primary coach/teacher  Feeling Introvert >Intuiting Introvert
  • Respected coach/teacher Feeling Introvert >Insting

Decade of Achieving Expert: Build a solid team after scaling up to a bigger platform.

Decade of Spinning Assets: Lead a political party.

Decade of Spinning Epic: Cadre people & become king maker

Mainstream of Love: Political Parties, Organizations, NGOs, Communities

How to learn: Listen

Habits : Relax

Prowess : Communication

Focus on : Friendship

Key to Success: Self-lead


Fight envy with love:

  • Always want to make more friends.
  • Loving other people.
  • Always be patient with all negative attacks.
  • Always happy for the success of others.

Fight stinginess with generosity:

  • Always wanting to share favors.
  • Giving even in times of need.
  • Increase EPOS even to the enemy.
  • Be generous from small thingsto even life.

Fight selfish/social behavior by sharing:

  • Building good fortune on the needs of others.
  • Not wasting the opportunity to give charity.
  • Share because you want to share His pleasure.
  • The contents of nature are inexhaustible.

Fight riya by flying low:

  • Being a sincere role model with the awareness of the time limit as a model.
  • Always fearing Him.
  • Realizing he is only a speck of water in the great ocean.
  • Diverting praise to those in need.

Three Anatomies of Life Leadership

Lead Beliefs: A set of principles & values that also become our sacred mission in life, beliefs give strength.

Lead Action: Real activities that are based on a set of rules of life.

Pimpin Pekerti: Mental attitude that gives birth to daily behavior.

Typology of Feeling Intelligence Engine